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Updated on May 31, 2020

We are pleased to announce that we have decided to introduce LEXXPAY as a new service within the XANA Digital Wallet platform.-

What is LEXX PAY?

LEXXPAY (LAO EXCHANGE PAYMENT) is a wallet PAYMENT service operated by LEXX.Co., LTD based in Laos.

It is “the world’s first wallet payment system” in partnership with the joint private bank (Joint Development Bank) in Laos. By applying to LEXXPAY, user can complete wallet service, JDB bank account opening, VISA card application all in one easy step!

In other words, by issuing a debit card tied to JDB Bank, user can charge BTC and exchange it into US dollars, and the account balance can be used for card checkout and also withdrawal gets available!

Not only card checkout but also FIAT withdrawal at ATM become enable.This service allows user to sell and buy of cryptocurrency much easier stress-free at real time!

Benefits of having LEXXPAY

  1. Enable to use many features of The world’s first wallet linked to a JDB bank account.
  2.  Let BTC to get charged to the debit card then user can use the card at all the stores that associated with VISA payment all around the world.
  3. Enable US dollar-denominated high interest rate fixed deposits unique to the one of emerging countries.

The application method and further details would be updated at a timely manner later on.

In the future, we keep going on to make efforts to expand the platform through other companies’ services and alliances within the XANA WALLET platform, build a more fluid ecosystem, and improve the value of ANX and ANL.

Thank you.

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