xana wallet updated faqs how to deposit-01

1. After you logged In, click on the Asset icon from the footer menu.


xana wallet updated faqs how to deposit-02

1. After entering into the Asset page, select any Currency which you want to Withdraw.


xana wallet updated faqs withdraw-03

A new window will open, click on the “Send” arrow button on the left side (as shown in the picture).


xana wallet updated faqs withdraw-04

1. Type the amount that you want to withdraw

2. Select the minor fee of crypto i.e Slow/Normal/Fast

3. Click the Next 按鈕


xana wallet updated faqs withdraw-05

1. A new page will appear, paste the receiving crypto address of the account to whom you want to send crypto.

2. Click the Send 按鈕


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1. Type the OTP (One-Time Password) for confirmation that you received on your registered email address.

2. Click the Submit 按鈕

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